Passion is our Purpose

Welcome to Guadalupe Centers Charter Schools. The 2023-24 school year promises to be a busy one for the students, families, and faculty of GCCS. With a deep tradition rooted in Hispanic and Latino culture, we have a strong focus on reading/language arts and math curriculum and instruction. Aztec students are provided a wide range of learning opportunities that will encompass basic introduction of concepts to in-depth advance placement coursework.

It is our goal and theme this year to provide “Passion for Our Purpose”. We believe that investment and multi-leveled learning experiences provide the best avenues for student ownership of their educational experience and academic success. Our staff is committed to the development of the whole student and the need to be a true partner with our students’ families and community.

Through partnership with our parent organization (Guadalupe Centers Inc.) and other local and national civic organizations, families and students get to embrace a sense of volunteer commitment, experience real world learning, and encounter technology application. It is our school’s goal that our students and families have multiple paths to learn, develop, and choose from a wide variety of quality resources. With an enrollment over 1600 students, GCCS continues to be the fastest growing charter school in the Kansas City metropolitan area. With quality at the heart of our expansion we welcome you to learn more about how Guadalupe Centers Charter Schools, as we drive student success and opportunities into a rewarding developmental experience that will make a difference for a lifetime.

Dr. Jim Hammen


Dr. Jim Hammen